1. The Fishing permit is personal and allows fishing in the allotted area according to the current map, rules and schedule. A person may only use one rod with the associated reel, line, and streamer hook. Once the fishing permit has been obtained, you can start fishing. The permit must be kept handy to be shown to the supervisor if requested.
  2. Concerning the Fishing area, it can only be fished from the western shore, however, fishing is permitted on the entire length of our area. The area consists of nine pools totaling approximately 3.5 kilometers. Signs in the terrain as well as on the allocated map at Ebbamåla Bruk show where the different pools starts and ends. See also fishing folder or Map.
  3. Fly fishing in the traditional sense is allowed in all pools. It is prohibited to use a sink line if the flood of water is below 20 m3. Jerk Fishing is prohibited. Upstream casting is prohibited except for nymph fishing with one hand rod.
  4. Spinning in the traditional sense is allowed in all pools. When the water flow is below 20 m3 the maximum bait weight is 20 grams. Jerk Fishing is prohibited. Upstream casting is prohibited.
  5. Angling may be practiced only in four of the pools, namely: 4. Maden, 5. Gösen, 7. Ebbe bäck and 8. Dammen. When angling, no live bait is permitted, such as worm or maggot.
  6. The Catch quotas during the day permit period, one salmon or sea trout per angler is allowed per day. Pike and perch may be retained; all other fish should be re-released unless thought to be a Swedish national record catch. During the month of September female fish must be re-released.
  7. Re-release obligation applies for stationary trout (brown trout), bream, ide, and eel, unless thought to be a Swedish national record catch. If the salmon is less than 50 cm then a release back into the water is mandatory. The same obligation applies for salmon females in September.
  8. The release will be as follows: Tootle no fish longer than necessary, use a tuck or wet hands to move the fish towards you in the water, let the fish remain in water while gently removing clamp or forceps hooks. Do not hold the fish out of water unnecessary. If you want to take a photo before releasing back into the water, hold the fish with both hands, one around the tail pole and one around the chest. If the fish seems non-responsive, hold it for a while against the direction of the water flow, let it recover and regain balance before releasing it.
  9. Reporting (Name, date, time, species, length, weight, pool, fly/spinning, re-released) of fish shall be done for every caught or re-released fish. Use or weigh-in station at Ebbamåla Bruk. The station has the utensils to clean the fish. If the adipose fen is missing, this also needs to be recorded.
  10. Rule violations will be prosecuted!