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Our fishing area is located approximately 3o kilometres from the coast and adjacent to the county of Småland. The water flow in the river is regulated at the power station in Granö, some additional 10 kilometres further upstream. Below links are provided to the water flow as well as how to tell the difference between a male and a female fish.

Videos from previous years

A selection of videos from previous seasons can give you a feel for our fishery.


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Mörrumsåns FVO Ebbemåla-Åmma


Our fishing area includes 3.5 kilometers of Mörrumsån in Blekinge, just south of the border of Småland. The river runs through magnificent nature and well preserved land both in the north and south. There is easy access to nine diverse pools, each with its unique character.

Our goal is to offer every fisherman the opportunity to fish in the wild and pristine waters of the region. We have made this possible through selective fishery, well preserved nature and fewer fishermen.

We sell fishing permits and welcome fly fishermen, spin fishermen and anglers.

Fishing season 2021

Salmon and sea trout season runs to 30th September. The optimal fishing season is during the spring months of March and April and during September when salmon and sea trout are most abundant. However, throughout the season you can catch many other local fish.

Daily Fishing Permits

We offer daily fishing permits. Bookings for the premiere is individual otherwise group bookings can be made.

Purchase fishing permits online

Permits are purchased online. The confirmation received after the purchase is also valid as a fishing permit. So make sure you bring the confirmation (fishing permit) when fishing.

Weighing and recording of the catch

Reporting (Name, date, time, species, length, weight, pool, fly/spinning, re-released) of fish is sent to or registered in weigh-in station at Ebbamåla Bruk.


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